Imagination is the gateway of reality.
Man is a natural organ subject to Sense.
The eternal body of man is the imagination.
Jesus „was“ the divine body.
We are his Members (could be from picaro/guru Oscho… 🙂 )…

Music from homo sapiens to sapiens

humour, love and music

i.e.  SOUND

Having only these three languages, we venture to bring people from different worlds – with apparently little in common – together within genuine projects, enjoying different visions, backrounds, ethics.
Creating the envy to be drawn to the magic of „just music“ challenges awareness, energy, common-sense, flexibility and provokation (the salt of life)!…
Exchange being the order of the day… musicians arrive, tones & shades are happening, the artist leaves and SOUND remains…

The Mensch ‘Hide-Out’ has often welcomed outstanding visits and it was a pleasure to host such fine people as Linton Kwesi Johnson, Didier Malherbe, Rico (R.I.P.), Steve Gregory, Lars Hollmer (R.I.P.), Taj Mahal, Tim Hodgkinson, Lars Hollmer (R.I.P.), Georgie Fame, Lee „Scratch“ Perry (R.I.P.) and Barbara Dennerlein to name but a few…

Often priviledged to host an abundance of craftsmanship, we were honoured to see many a great musician jumping over his/her shadow,  experiencing the joyful noise of simplicity, awareness, courtesy and
Respect, y’all!




Mensch Music