The Videos

Bâlkonia 2021
smoker’s delight for non-smoking Studio-druids

Ayahuasca for Bears


– still in progress:

St. Saens (Präludibumm No. Zwoo, Opa 99)

Gounod / Bach (Präludium/AveMaria)

Debussy’s Trauma Rey


Inna Peace (Reggae fi Rico) – R.I.P. Sept. 4th 2015


live from August 2014’s “Gumbo Goodby”-Event

Unfinished & Forgotten (dedicated to Pascal Cuche)




from 2012’s Peeni Waali All Stars CD SHAB TAB

Shab Tab 2015 (“remix”)

further (deliberately unfinished) outtakes


Shama Ninja Pan

Mother of Life

 From Mahab to St-Saens


with LarsHollmer (2005)

Boeves Psalm




with Code (1981)

L’ennemi de l’intérieur

Derniers 10 balles

Night Train

Les Rendez-vous manqués

Au coeur du drame


Georg Kreisler project




videos for no particular reason

You Can’t Do That (a home-doodle)

Tell, the truth, 2014 (a joyful sync_stunt)… (just for fun)

Ding Ding (“Eedobosi lya Bantu” – Ouganda) a joyful recording session’s souvenir