We have great pleasure to connect you with some of the fine people of our Guest-Book (our CD’s) as well as vibe-wise related URLs
feel free to site-seeing

Didier Malherbe: grand druid of Pataphysiconia and most welcome part to our plot
Gérald Prétôt:
e super piccolo player and generator of genuine pieces for piccolo
Linton Kwesi Johnson
: what can we say? A fine gentleman indeed! Go check his site, read his books!
Alan Kushan: master of all masters, a rare sun for our planet
Barbara Dennerlein what a flabbergasting, extraordinary organ player and what a great gentlewoman!
Morgan Fisher, hopefully soon to be on board of our adventures, too…
Rico Rodriguez check this excellent site on/about Rico. Rico’s  discography is selfexplanatory, but Reinhard Braun’s site is a gas!
Alex Rabus, an extraordinary painter with a lovely family and my oldest friend from when I lived in Neuchâtel
Tobias Morgenstern, the fantastic accordion player on so many tunes of our stable now just opened his own web-site.
Helmut Lipsky, extraordinaire violin player, living in Montreal today

Stefan Kling the piano player with the sweetest dynamics we came across so far
Daniel Spahnidrummer
Face Music

Baby Blaue Seiten – ein unverzichtbares Portal mit der wirklichen Musik
Tom Aebi fine Bass Piccolo manufacture