Musically wide-spread, we produce without commercial concessions which leaves enough freedom to record a great variety of SOUND:

music from homo sapiens to sapiens

To bring people from different worlds - with apparently little in common - together within one project, reunite mankind rather than just reunite one community only, making an effort to understand different visions, backrounds, ethics; creating the envy to be drawn to the magic of "just music" sure is one big challenge. This requires energy, common-sense, awareness, flexibility, provokation and humour!...
Exchange being the order of the day... not so much "who hires who"...: some musicians arrive, a feast is happening, the artist leaves and the SOUND remains...

The Mensch ‘Hide-Out’ has often welcomed outstanding visits and it was a pleasure to host such fine people as Linton Kwesi Johnson, Taj Mahal, Rico, Dennis Bovell, Steve Gregory, Tim Hodgkinson, the late Lars Hollmer and Looping Home Orchestra, Georgie Fame, Lee "Scratch" Perry or the wonderful and great Barbara Dennerlein to name but a few...

Often priviledged to host an abundance of craftsmanship, we were honoured to work with many a great musician. The challenge of relating to all these genuine people is an incredible treat; demanding simplicity, courtesy and respect

Respect, y’all!


(if our homepage is "mensch3000" it's because we couldn't get simply "Mensch" and we thought, at least 1'000 years ahead then will last a while...)