1. Mother of Life
2. Shab Tab
   (based on the orignal composition "Son" written by Gijs Levelt and Alec Kopyt)
3. From Mahabad to Saint-SaŽns!
4. Widmung an HaFis
5. Shaman reggae in Jah Pan (Fukushima Dub)
6. Five Bells over Tokyo
7. Shabnam
8. Buddah on the frogs
9. Ridaan
10. Nouvelle cuisine orientale
11. Mass Medium (written by Robert Wyatt)


recorded by:

Alan Kushan - santur & vox
FizzŤ - piccolo, flutes, Hammond C 3 organ, accordion, percussion, tones & shades etc.


Hubert Osterwalder - guitars
Didier Malherbe - duduk
Rico Rodriguez - trombone
Steve Gregory - saxophones
Shirley Hoffmann - tuba & euphonium
Raphael Zweifel - cello
Pascal Cuche - kitchen utensils, milkpots
Andri de Bros - clarinet
Roland Schiltknecht - hackbrett
Paul Haag - alphorn
Barbara Dennerlein - Hammond B 3 (on "Mother of Life" and "Shab Tab")
Morgan Fisher - keyboards (on "Mass Medium" & "Five Bells over Tokyo)
Tobias Morgenstern - accordion (on "Sha man reggae", "Mother of Life", "Mahabad to Saint SaŽns", "Shabnam", solo on "Shab Tab")
Fritz Ostwald - clarinet section (on "Widmung fŁr HaFis")

arranged, produced, recorded & mixed by FizzŤ at the Mensch hide-out from spring 2009 to spring 2011