We have great pleasure to connect you with some of the fine people of our Guest-Book (our CD's) as well as vibe-wise related URLs
feel free to site-seeing

Bass Piccolo wizard: Tom Aebi's extraordinary fine and thrilling "Bass Piccolo"

Linton Kwesi Johnson: what can we say? A fine gentleman indeed! Go check his site, read his books!
Alan Kushan: master of all masters, a rare sun for our planet
Barbara Dennerlein what a flabbergasting, extraordinary organ player and what a great gentlewoman!
Morgan Fisher, hopefully soon to be on board of our adventures, too...
Sylvain Gagnon, a very fine (bass) player whom we still have the pleasure to host (hopefully time after time)
Rico Rodriguez check this excellent site on/about Rico. Rico's  discography is selfexplanatory, but Reinhard Braun's site is a gas!
Alex Rabus, an extraordinary painter with a lovely family and my oldest friend from when I lived in Neuchâtel
Tobias Morgenstern, the fantastic accordion player on so many tunes of our stable now just opened his own web-site.
Helmut Lipsky, extraordinaire violin player, living in Montreal today

Stefan Kling the piano player with the sweetest dynamics we came across so far
Rainer Rohloff the great guitar player of L'Art de Passage (with Morgenstern and Kling)
Daniel Spahni, drummer
Face Music

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