Audio_excerpts from "SHA"

1. Apini Waali
2. Balakan1
3. Balakan2
4. Beacon of Hope1
5. Beacon of Hope2
6. Beacon of Hope3
7. Echoes
8. Kuh Sha
9. Shalom1
10. Shalom2
11. Shalom3
12. ShaPatt

13. Tribal Tunsch
14. Spiel mir das Lied vom Muezzin

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SHAB TAB Teaser - Video

If your purpose is to achieve more (as oposed to "gain more"), then come join us in that sense and check we out!

there's a Bösendorfer Grand and a freshly revamped/revised Hammond B 3 organ (with Leslie 122) on the spot...
However, it's not the gear but the experience of 30 years continuous output that'll make the difference...
Indoor recording can be considered if you're willing to mix with the family!   :-)
Then you're in for recording with a nuance...